Saturday, 4 September 2010

Titterstone Clee - Black Redstart and Kestrel

The Wryneck is history now but Titterstone Clee has real potential at this time of year. I opted for a mid afternoon session, with luck at least a Black Redstart have been on the cards? It did show - but not in the derelict buildings! I had to walk through them and up towards the boulder scree to get my first fleeting result (it was just that). One look at me and off he went - clearly a 'he' though....

I had one or two more sightings, usually on the ridges above me and won't bore you with the even more distant record shots! On return to the ruins, I could see he had given me the runaround but was still just as far away!

You can always rely on the Wheatear to be more obliging! A real rarity this - no colour rings!

One bird you can't rely on to oblige normally is the Kestrel. This female was giving a show as good as it gets, almost following me around!

Caught low over the hillside....

In mid hover.....

Whilst hoping for the Black Redstart as I hid myslf by the ruins - I had to settle for the Kessie again!!

Two quality Shropshire birds on the day then and pretty good supporting cast, the bubble is bound to burst soon?