Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Berried Treasure - Fieldfare and Redwing

I'm not sure I would recommend you actually do this......

Passing an unfamiliar neighourhood, I spotted a small flock of Thrushes feasting on a well berried shrub. It looked too good an opportunity to miss?

I pulled up in the cul de sac, wound the window down and made the most of the opportunity......

Fieldfare first - posing very nicely!

Then, eyeing up those tasty berries!

A Redwing joined in....

Just as voracious, a quick feeding frenzy followed by a period of digestion?

At this point, one of the residents came out to investigate what the guy with the camouflaged mobile rocket launcher was up to outside his house? I managed to convince him my intentions were entirely trustworthy! "What's a Redwing he asked"?

I showed him this..... He was (a little) pacified and I didn't have the boys in blue to content with!

Maybe I DO recommend you do this? If you feel cheeky enough - be sure to clear it with the residents though!!