Saturday, 18 July 2009

Venus Pool - Cuckoo land?

Saturday morning at Venus Pool got off to a kick start with the Osprey back yet again on arrival (8.05)! Paul King had just pulled up ahead of me and spotted it from the car park over the Trout Pool! Into the light at this time of the morning sadly, it put in a very brief circle before instantly catching a large Roach/Rudd!

Tatty though it is, this Osprey appears to be a welcome 'stayer' in the area but as ever, luck is needed to drop in at the 'right time'!

Other than a Peregrine flying though shortly after and a Common Sandpiper, that was it - or was it......

A juvenile Cuckoo was noted in the record book - this soon made itself known, perched on posts around the car park and reserve paths and captivating a small group of onlookers!

The Cuckoo was first seen in front of the hides and I'm convinced it was raised by Sedge Warblers on the island in front of the memorial hide/ I've been watching them feed unseen 'young' relentlessly for weeks now! (An adult was also seen there some time ago....)

With the severn high and chocolate coloured - every chance of a Kingfisher - and there was......

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