Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Priorslee lake - Glaucous Gull

A very lucky decision to check out Priorslee lake at lunchtime today certainly paid off! There were good numbers of Gulls too, well over the 1,000 at one stage (in and out though) on the water. I was hoping for a Caspian but next best was to pick out the 1st winter Glaucous Gull on the far side (piccies this time!!) which had opted for a day out in Shropshire! Yvonne who was in the area was soon scoping it plus a mightily relieved Jason putting his new Argo through it's emergency call out' paces!! Mike laid a County bogey bird to rest...

A few anxious moments before everyone got there - the wash and brush up was followed by a brief flight around the lake...

A second flight brought it a bit closer too!

it settled down again though to make sure no-one dipped.....

Reassuring to know that a 'List Police' presence was on site to check out for any scoundrels ticking juv Herrings or suchlike! DC 'Arvey Sparrow no less, from the local branch Flying Squad - fortunately good behaviour and smiles were maintained all round ;-)


  1. Fab pics - what a great blog discovery - thanks to my sister the sewing lady. Will enjoy popping in to find out what you have seen.Thanks.

  2. Great flight shots Jim, I am attempting bird photography and your shots are inspirational! Can I add you to my links list on my blog?
    Great blog

    Kind Regards,