Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Cley - Little Stint & Wilson's again!

I only had time for a morning session today and with rain falling opted for the relative comfort of Cley (again).

Considering how elusive the Wilson's phalarope had been, 'lucky Jim' was appropriate yet again as it was still present on Pat's pool.

Having tired of harrassment from Redshank, Ruff etc, it flew over to join the Lapwing flock for a few minutes (completely out of character, they left it in peace!)......

Managed a peek at the underwing during a bout of wing-flap....

Two Little Stints were present with the Dunlin flock. The Stint isn't sharp but one seen here flying in....

The size difference obvious on the deck - the little guy being picked on and here receiving a sharp peck to the rump!!

More torrential rain signalled departure to Norwich for my talk. Thanks for bearing with these gloomy record shots - the forecast is good for tomorrow! Make sure you check back soon, this was destined to be one of my most memorable birding encounters EVER!!!

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