Saturday, 12 July 2008

Cannock Chase - Nightjars etc

This is one of my posts where words speak louder than actions (photo ones that is). The SOS trip to Cannock Chase will be written up for the website but I've just got to say - what a session!!!!

If you want to see Nightjars you have to get out of the birding comfort zone (off your arse as Andy might say) and 15 like minded members did just that. Also, if you're on the Chase and the Barley Mow at Milford is open - check it out and get a portion of the Ruddles ale pie down your neck (you won't need to eat again that day).

So, with the only dodgy cars parked at Katyn Memorial that evening belonging to birders, we set off....

Not a Dartford Warbler in sight - our only dip.

The finale was one of those unforgettable birding moments! First we had a couple of Woodcock calling as they flew overhead, then as the light fell - churring began and we were entertained by a pair of Nightjar - flying in front of us just about as close as you could wish and in perfect view against the skyline. This was not just 'seeing them', this was "thats a male" and "this one's the female" views!!

Could it get any better? Well, how about a Long eared Owl stealing in on the scene flying directly towards is and again giving fantastic views.

Oh I nearly forgot, in the afternoon we had a pair of Woodlark, the most gorgeous family group of Chiffs (5 recently fledged birds sat huddled together begging)

and Yellowhammers looking after their youngsters.....

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