Saturday, 24 May 2008

Shropshire - Red is the colour.....

A Bank Holiday Saturday with fine weather is a very good reason to avoid travel! I decided to stay close to home with a session around the South of the County.

First stop was Pole Cott on the Longmynd and first bird seen was indeed a surprise. I thought all the winter migrants had long gone but there scratching happily away in the turf was a Redwing!!

I had come to try and find a Whinchat, a walk down Ashes Hollow drew a complete blank except for Stonechats. Walking back, just 50m from the road, my luck changed - there sat on top of the dead bracken - a cracking female Whinchat - job done!!

If the Redwing was a surprise, a pair of Redstart at Bridges was not but they seemed intent on remaining in the canopy. The South Shropshire trip of three weeks back came flooding back to me - there was a very obliging Redstart seen by Yvonne - but could I find it again?

I could and what a stunning bird, together with a more elusive female. A young family somewhere nearby too - judging by the number of insects (and Spiders!!) which were being collected. I kept to a safe distance, sat down ignoring them - they ignored me and kept up their busy activity.....

A male Pied Flycatcher nearby broke the monotony!!

Hmm, the roads must be clear by now - getting itchy feet and thoughts turning to Red-footed Falcons - one of them must be worth a try for a Sunday out.......

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