Sunday, 16 March 2008

A Little in the Mire!

I was going to put up a blank page....

Back to birdless Shropshire but I thought I needed a rest from blogging the Vancouver visit.

And blow me, I got the word - there was a bird!! After dealing with Raucous-lunged Gulls day in day out what should turn up at the Mire lake? A simply gorgeous 1st Winter Little Gull! They may be little but they have charisma, always on the go, always picking up something off the water, always worth watching! So I did, until the freezing Arctic wind meant I could no longer function. You'll have to endure some distant record flight shots but they are as good as I've recorded in Shropshire!

Then, there were 20+ Sand Martins fresh in at Venus Pool, not a lot else mind. Oh well, things are moving in the right direction......

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