Monday, 10 December 2007

Colemere - Scaup for the record

A rainy Sunday looked like being spent at home until a call from Andy Latham tempted me out to check out the Golden Plover flock at Condover. They were still there in good numbers and whilst too distant for detailed photography, I did come away with a few record shots of the flock!! There were well in excess of 500, difficult to assess as they were well spread out with some in the stubble.....

This is Gull roost 'season' and after a disappointing display thanks to the sailing boats (highlight a leucistic Black-head) at Chelmarsh the previous evening, we agreed to try the Mere later. I decided to check out some of the other Meres as well and with Crosemere virtually birdless, the omens didn't look good. Colemere came next and with sailing boats on the water, I nearly gave it a miss! Glad I didn't, as keeping away from the disturbance, there were at least 30 Goldeneye with one male well away from the rest keeping company with a Pochard and one seriously interesting duck!! Even from 400m or so distance, the plumage looked right, the white bill base band shone out together with pale cheek patch - had to be a female Scaup, taking the Shropshire year list to 155!

Sadly for us. the gull roost held no great surprises (a nice one for Jason though at Gresford!!). Hopefully a White winged Gull will turn up in Shropshire soon, long overdue? With a stiff North Westerly blowing, a Roast beef dinner suddenly became a more important option!!