Friday, 8 May 2020

On this day (May 8th)... Temmincks Stint in 2008

One of the best and rarest waders to drop into VP in recent years was this Temmincks Stint #OnThisDay in 2008. Here's the original blog...

What a fantastic few 'Shropshire' days recently with good birds turning up almost everywhere! Having got the Whixall Marsh Harrier and a couple of Black Terns (neither of which will feature here) it was a question of drop what you're doing and get down to VP this evening where a Temmincks Stint had dropped in. (Thanks once again Geoff and Graham!!)

There are plenty of inland Temmincks about at present but this was special - on the old patch! It got even better - what better place to spend time on the island, in front of the memorial hide. Now, for such a small bird that is a big big bonus!!

Tell you what, considering the size of Stints (think Sparrow size!) - I'm well pleased with this one!!

And if you don't believe me, here's a Lapwing for comparison!

A big break from Shropshire again over the next week - I'm in the North East, working sadly but I have the chance of a day or two at 'play'. The Farnes are not far away - just hope the weather holds?