Wednesday, 6 May 2020

On this Day (May 6th)... Avocet!

Another Shropshire Avocet and there have been precious few! On May 6th 2017

It's entirely possible, non-locals might be wondering what the fuss is all about? Avocets are tricky Shropshire birds, annual at best, every other year more likely! And Wood Lane is surely the most likely space for them to settle in one day??

A not entirely inspiring start, fast asleep on the far side of the scrape!

Eventually waking up...

And walking my way :-)

I'll spare you the bits in between! Closer all the time and feeding like crazy, this bird wont be here much longer?

Showing off those stunning legs!

Job done I think, couldn't be any closer...

Quite a day! Shame about the bird race although 68 species in a morning is pretty good going, thanks to everyone concerned for helping out!