Friday, 1 May 2020

On this day (May 1st)...Dunlin (VP)

Let's start my May review' with the humble Dunlin. The archetypal reference wader, if you know your Dunlin size and plumage patterns, all the other 'smaller waders' become easier to assess. Whilst not exactly 'common' locally, I've recorded them in Shropshire during every month of the year!

Waders haven't really got going yet and this was my first Dunlin of the year at VP and for a change, as obliging as they come here!

Feeding like there's no tomorrow!

A rare 'head up' pause!

Spent quite a bit of time under the bank.....

Covering just about every portrait angle!

He seemed to be tagging along with up to 3 Common Sandpipers.....

Which are coming next!