Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Image of 2016 - Shropshire

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It's that time again - the annual end of year picture accumulation from Shropshire. It's been an another great year locally with three Shropshire ticks for me (two of which feature here!!). In fact November will go down as one of the most memorable ever, for what can be one of the quietest months of the year!

I've selected below a selection -  twenty of my favourite pictures (in chronological order) taken in Shropshire during 2016. A local rarity will always (for me) have a bearing on what constitutes a 'favourite picture' but I've sneaked in some common birds too! You can simply select your favourite photos from the assembly - it's always interesting for me to see which is the most popular!

There is a voting box to the right - for this first round simply check the FIVE pictures you like most! (click thumbs to open a larger image) Five votes maximum only please! (Only one voter is possible per PC sorry!)

I will let this poll run until December 18th and then, the top three pictures will be included with more photos taken elsewhere in the UK during 2016. Voting will then begin again until New Years Eve with YOUR No 1 Picture of the Year being declared on 1st January 2017....

Picture 1 - Whooper Swans - Edgerley (January)

Picture 2 - Water Pipit  - Whixall Floods (March)

Picture 3 - Shelduck - Venus Pool (March)

Picture 4 - Oystercatcher - Venus Pool (April)

Picture 5 - Spoonbill - Whixall Floods  (April)

Picture 6 - Channel Wagtail - Whixall Floods  (April)

Picture 7 - Iberian Chiffchaff - Granville CP (April)

Picture 8 - Wren - Bridges  (April)

Picture 9 - Pied Flycatcher - Bridges (April)

Picture 10 - Garganey - Venus Pool (May)

Picture 11 - Redshank - Venus Pool (May)

Picture 12 - Peregrine Falcon juvs x 2 - Shropshire (June)

Picture 13 - Kingfishers fighting - Venus Pool (July)

Picture 14 - Little Egret - Venus Pool (July)

Picture 15 - Black-tailed Godwit- Venus Pool (August)

Picture 16 - Hen Harrier - Venus Pool (November)

Picture 17 - Green-winged Teal - Venus Pool (November)

Picture 18 - Pink-footed Goose - Venus Pool (November)

Picture 19 - Long-tailed Duck - The Mere (November)

Picture 20 - Velvet Scoter - Trench Pool (November)

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Trench Pool - Yellow-legged Gull

Whilst the Velvet Scoter is clearly the star attraction at Trench Pool at the moment, there's always potential for a decent Gull or two here! A modest gathering of 60 Lesser Black Backs, a handful of Herring Gulls and 500+ Black heads didn't exactly get the pulse racing but a couple of adult Yellow-legged Gulls dropped in all too briefly! Here's the one which sat on the water after bathing....

And then had the decency to fly towards me :-)

Flap, flap, flap.....

Potential for a Caspo (or better) here as winter progresses.....

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Venus Pool - Pintail

As is to say.... "why does that Yank with a stripe get all the attention? I couldn't resist a few images of this pristine male Pintail, encouraged to feed closer due to the ice.....

Here you go then, this is one showy local :-)

Whichever way he turns?

Close enough to allow a decent crop.....

Ignore the everyday bird at your peril.....

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trench Pool - flighty Velvet Scoter!!

Trench Pool is probably more popular with fishermen than birders but it does have a history of producing good birds on occasions and today was no exception! Just as well Dave Tromans decided to walk his dog the previous day and found this 1st winter male Velvet Scoter.... Well done!

I couldn't get over the previous day and with the car in for a service, luckily I'd got a courtesy car :-)

It was favouring the North bank but a close approach there meant shooting into the sun. I opted for record shots at distance in decent light....


A few more opportunities were created by dog walkers however! Every time one came close, the Scoter would take off.....

and fly out into the middle of the pool.....

Quicker to post a composite series rather than agonise over which to delete!

A quirky head on landing shot!

But perhaps my favourite? Banking shots are always a lovely angle to catch!

Keep em coming!!! Long-tailed Duck, Bean Goose x 6, Green-winged Teal, and now Velvet Scoter.... The Shire is the place to be right now  (with the deflector shields down??!)

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Venus Pool - Green-winged Teal showing well!

Day 3 now for the Green-winged Teal and it really is turning out to be 'hard work' - especially if a decent image is the objective! It has a habit of sleeping (usually on the back of an island) during the day with distant views when it does decide to appear!

I can be quite patient in situations like this and having had the morning off, I was prepared to give it the whole afternoon! And I had to!! It was 3.25 when my luck changed......

Much closer than I'd  previously encountered!

And walking towards me on terra firma :-)

After a bit of a feed, posing nicely!

A transatlantic encounter....

It nearly came to an end after a short flight, luckily landing close by......

And paddling into a nicely lit patch of water!

It's not exactly 'feather detail'......

But a huge improvement on previous opportunities!!

I think I'll probably have to settle for that?