Monday, 11 May 2020

On this Day (May 11th) - Little Tern 2016!!

The Tern passage continues with Common and Black Terns 'terning up' plus a rather special Little Tern at Venus Pool....

The Tern tour of the North Shropshire area with Mike Stokes was about to come to an abrupt halt with news coming in of a Little Tern at Venus Pool. Crikey, we had both had LT in Shropshire but this was a potential patch tick for both of us so we dashed back to the car and blasted back to VP - question was... would it stick?

Yesssssss! It would :-)

Clearly not on speaking terms with this Common Tern!

And then flying wildly around the pool in search of fish! It was a nightmare to keep it in the viewfinder!!

White sky didn't help for overhead shots!

But it was keeping low most of the time and seen here hovering for fish.....

A composite sequence - can't guarantee it's the same fish and always flying into the wind - away from me!!

Such a pity the unseen fish wasn't visible here, not that would have made my day!

But these flight shots (amongst the most difficult I've ever taken) certainly did make my day :-)

And it was still present late evening......