Saturday, 1 March 2014

Norwich - Waxwing!!

Two target birds for today - this winter's national rarity (Waxwing) plus the influx species I hadn't had chance to check out so far (Parrot Crossbills) . As I was stopping in the Norwich area, a speculative try for the single Waxwing seeming a good idea to start the day?

A search of the John Innes centre seemed a lost cause with barriers everywhere but a Cotoneaster bearing 1,000s of juicy red berries by the reception building seeming a likely 'spot'. 15 minutes later, this female Waxwing flew in to feed -  I had scored - and settled down in the car (with the rain coming down!!)  to get some useful images?

It was hard work and difficult to get any 'action' shots in the rain / gloom!

The Waxie then settled down in the centre of the shrub, sometimes in view, sometimes not!

every 20 mins or so, popping out to feed

Amazing how that body can stretch when a berry is in sight!

Crop bulging after feasting!

A few closer crops......

A bird I was beginning to think, would elude me this winter?

The rain was easing and a late morning drive up to Holt was looming large.....

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