Monday, 3 March 2014

Acle - Common Cranes

I didn't have much to go on.... Acle covers a pretty  big area and the news coming out as to the whereabouts was a bit vague - imagine my surprise on driving and spotting a Common Crane out of the corner of my eye - rather than the barn!! I'd driven past the barn and not seen it :-)

Well how could you miss this? Sort of barn door sized bird :-)

And it was reasonably close to the road!

Eventually I found it's partner and they were soon together again.

A bit of synchro feeding....

 Both after the same worm??

Cantley and Buckenham marshes were to waste the rest of the morning with not a (noteworthy) Goose in sight! I had a back up bird (well two of them) over near Cambridge though....

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