Sunday, 30 March 2014

Exmouth - Glaucous Gull

Exmouth was next on my route and assuming I could find the quay - hopefully a confiding 2nd winter Glaucous gull?? Through a myraid of side streets, I made it and against a myraid of 'private parking - we will clamp' stickers, chance my arm on the quay.....

There it was, 10m away from the car on some machinery but.... directly into the sun! After a long wait (and after paying to park!!!) it eventually flew around a couple of times before settling down again. This time on the quay, after some scraps of food......

OMG, heading towards me!

False alarm, after something more tasty than me!

When given the opportunity of flight shot, buildings are not exactly helpful!

But blue sky is!

And water is even better - these were close enough top become frame fillers.....

Underwing shot.

And approaching for some eye contact.....

I'll leave you with one frozen in mid step!

Plus a close up!

Even better was to come with the tide rising, my timing a t the fourth attempt was impeccable - firstly the Water Pipit (flushed by a dog sadly) and then the Slav Grebe within 5 minutes of arrival. It had been quite a day :-)

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