Monday, 2 April 2012

Warndon - Yellow Browed Warbler

Warndon is just a stones throw away from my exit junction of the M5 and the housing estate there comes with a warning! It's the proverbial 'rabbit warren'! Don't enter without letting someone know! Satnav, GPS and (optional) ball of string are essential requirements!

It took me 2 mins from the mororway to fing Berkeley Way and another 40 minutes to find the area between this and the elusive Skipton Cresent!

Mind you, once I'd found the Hawthorn lined cycle path I was immediately onto the Yellow-browed Warbler - calling somewhere in the dense overgrowth.

Eventually, it appeared in one of the very few gaps in the foliage and a record shot was forthcoming!

Not the happiest looking of birds? Mind you it's been present for weeks, now totally fed up and disorientated - presumably unable to navigate successfully out of the Estate! The satnav sensed 'Home' and I escaped.....

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