Saturday, 14 April 2012

Venus Pool - Osprey!!!

Plenty of birds about on the reserve today: Willow Warbler, Blackcap, male Redstart, together with the Wagtail invasion - Channel (1), Yellow (6), White(5) and Pied (7) viewed from the causeway. It was not turning out to to be a day for images but all that changed at 3.30 with a familiar sight gliding in from the South - OSPREY!!!

It circled a couple of times.....

Before hovering, eyes intently looking down (were there any fish left after the drought and Cormorant trawls?)

A close check of the images showed that the left leg was ringed (I've inset a close up from this image - white KR)....

Clearly visible in all of these too!

I've emailed Roy Dennis for any history on this particular Osprey. What I do know from a brief web trawl is that it was seen at Carsington Water on 5th May 2011!

Anyone sat in the North hide would probably have fallen off the bench at this moment in time! I took this image from the causeway but even at 400m distance you can see the Osprey is clutching a tiny Roach / Rudd.

It later relocated to a telegraph pole next to the road and flew off in the direction of Berrington Pool.

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