Friday, 26 October 2018

Venus Pool - Whooper Swan invasion!

After a quiet catch up with guys in the hide at Venus Pool and only the long staying Egyptian Goose to show for my patience, I decided to check the arable field. It was even quieter there but the lack of action was about to be forgotten once I reached the oak tree and checked the fishing pool! First a family group of 5 Yellow billed Swans... then two adults plus a juv... then another four adults... what was going on? Well, after checking a few images, there were... 12 Whooper Swans going on!! (Eight adults and 4 juvs). Dave Chapman  joined me and in between showers, it would have been rude not to confirm the numbers and age the swans plus take an image or two? There's probably nearer 20 images here, I couldn't make my mind up which to use!!

Despite there being different groups, this image was a one off with all four juveniles present tagging along together...

Generally however,  the family 'group of five' with three youngsters would keep together with one or both of the parents always with them.

Sometimes cruising randomly...

Or in a procession!

Eventually they gave some quite close passes in the corner of the pool!

 One to one moments...

Three adults together...

And the three juvs...

A one and only wing flap!

A final solo portrait or juv and adult!

And curiously, this quirky moment is probably my favourite?

 The swans were clearly deadbeat on the water, from time to time simply nodding off!

It isn't always about the rares! As birding moments go, this was right up there with the best. An unforgettable Whooper show!

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