Monday, 1 October 2018

St Mary's - Golf Course - Lapland Bunting

How many times does something 'happen' late in the day on St Marys? With the pelagic done and dusted, a quick check of the local beaches revealed nothing of note and then the radio sparked into life with news of a Lapland Bunting, previously heard in flight now 'nailed down' on the golf course!

A good find too as it was tucked in the rough by a stone wall and despite being incredibly confiding was simply too close and often hidden from view a few feet away!

With patience and luck, it did reveal itself!

The occasional bare patch by the wall was rarely lingered in but a lucky moment here...

Still nicely marked plumage for the head on views as it walked towards us...

And quite alert, announcing a short flight was imminent!

Every day should end with a special moment like this and what a breathtaking view walking back...

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