Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ythan estuary - Little Terns

Whilst wiling the time away as the King Eider zzzzzed, there was lots of bird activity and members of a pretty cosmopolitan Tern Colony, whilst generally fishing out to sea and on the far bank, occasionally came close. Four species involved: Common, Arctic, Sandwich and Little Terns! The latter a gratefully received year tick :-)

They don't hang about!

 Getting ready to fish!

Then hovering.....

Here's one of the Sandwich Terns for good measure!

Wonder if I'll get around to sorting Eiders and Seals? One day......

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  1. Hi Jim

    This is a super collection of Little Tern flight images.

    Only just catching up with your Scotland posts as, for some reason, your posts don't register on my blog's sidebar until weeks after you've made your posts - whereas everyone else's appear almost immediately! A strange one!