Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ythan estuary - King Eider

The Ythan estuary is a magic place - livened up for me by this colourful male King Eider! After getting a negative report from a local birder who had checked out the estuary mouth, I took a walk / scan of the whole estuary from the golf course hut back to the 'mouth' and finally.... there it was on the far bank....

And there it stuck, mostly asleep for the next four hours! I amused myself photographing Grey Seals, and Eiders etc which may see the light of day eventually? Other birds present included: Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Shelduck, Red-breasted Merganser plus 4 species of Tern: Common, Arctic, Sandwich and Little :-)

Eventually, I was back on the case as the King Eider started to wake up!

And have a look around.....

Before getting buzzed by Eiders, flying off to feed! DUCK - literally :-)

It had to happen - after a bit of a stretch, my long vigil; was over! Looking as if it was practising ballet pirouttes, it was soon in its stride for take off as well......

Here's the sequence!

And now the other Eiders had to DUCK!

He circled over the sea and then flew inland behind the dunes, presumably up river to feed?

And I had nearly 2 hours of driving to get back to feed too! Dinner was switched to the late serving.....

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  1. Well worth your patience, Jim. And to catch it in flight too!!