Sunday, 25 May 2014

Scotland - Slavonian Grebe part 1

One of the first birds encountered on my Scotland trip was Slavonian Grebe at a small lochan south of Grantown. There were up to seven present from time to time, seemingly unattached males given the clashes that erupted from time to time. (Look out for part 2 when they really went for it!). You need to be a guest at the Grantown Arms Hotel to access this venue (and hide) but the Slavs come much closer than at Loch Ruthven - and with no disturbance!

Resplendent in Summer plumage......

The light was very variable! Lack of ripple seemed to help.....

I thought the darker shadowy water would bring the colours out! Not an awful lot of difference?

A tasty morsel, just need to unwrap it with a few shakes of the head!

The ruffled feather moment!

The territorial skirmishes covered in a later visit.....


  1. Hi Jim, Did you mean Grant Arms in Granton,or somewhere else?

  2. Yes - the Grant Arms hotel - Grantown on Spey