Thursday, 8 May 2014

Venus Pool - Whimbrel in a hurry!

There was nothing of note at Wall Farm apart from the female Garganey! I found out subsequently that a Peregrine had flushed everything, taking a Lapwing in the process but some of the waders did return!

Anyway, I decided to nip back to Venus Pool and pretty glad I did! As I walked through the hide door, Geoff Holmes remarked - "here's Lucky Jim"! A Whimbrel had just dropped in - not far out in front of the hide.....

Looking a bit nervous and flighty too!

But going to great lengths to show us his salient features!

And then not just a wingflap.....

 A lapwing finally got a taste of his own medicine!!

Two minutes later - looking settled and then.......

Gone! And I missed the take off :-(

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