Saturday, 9 June 2012

Whixall Moss - Ruby Tigers

It was pretty quiet on the Moss with no White-faced Darters seen and just a dozen or so Four-spotted Chasers seen. Presumably this has dented Hobby interest with only one distant bird seen! There were a couple of pretty vocal Cuckoos seen in flight and Stonechat but that was about it!

Four-spotted Chaser close up....

By far the most photogenic event was a bit of an orgy going on with four Ruby Tiger moths getting frisky in the grass!

After they had finished, post-coital lethargy set in and they sat pretty from any angle!

Not the largest of species and showing the colourful interest of the 'macro lens world'

And NO, I'm not going to get a moth trap - just take the day fliers as they come.....

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