Monday, 18 June 2012

Farnes - seabirds etc

This is the life....... sun, blue skies and Grey Seals basking on the rocks

Anyone got a tissue?

Male Eider keeping a wary eye on the boat.

Fulmars gliding effortlessly overhead.....

And Herring Gulls looking for a free meal.....

A proud parent Kittiwake?

Here's why, resist the temptation to go Ahhhhhhh?

Razorbills looking dapper....

Getting in close but mind that bill!

The green-eyed monster rears it's not so pretty head?

It's such a nice day, I fancy a shag!

Well go on then!

Hard work so a well earned bask in the warmth of the sun.

Oh and I forgot to post this last time - Puffins have good reason to be nervous where a hungry Herring is concerned.....

Don't worry, there isn't a sad ending! Nothing got eaten :-)