Monday, 18 June 2012

Farne Islands - Arctic warfare

Another day on the Farnes and more of the same.... Let's start with a look a the Arctic Terns and why you need to be prepared for them!

Visit in May - no problem, the aggro starts when the Terns are sitting from June onwards.

Partner nearby, ready to scramble.....

That blood red bill becomes a useful offensive weapon!

And they are not afraid to use it!

The wardens take it all in their stride - been there done that and got the whitewash to prove it :-)

Public enemy No.1 - photographers!

Good choice of hat sir! The rim gives all round protection :-)

Hmm, not so good, that bill will cut straight through wool!

No it wasn't raining but 10 out of 10 for ingenuity!

Oh dear, oh dear,  Blackpool 1960's style fashion isn't really making a come back and you might as well not bother? Tern magnet....

The scars of battle, if they can't get to peck you - be prepared to receive some white stuff !

And don't come back........

Puffins to follow......

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