Friday, 22 June 2012

New Brighton - Little Swift !!!

I don't make life easy for myself! With several days of New England to catch up on plus a recent three day trip to the Farne Islands to sort, (and I was just getting down to it) when, I got a phone call...... It was Ron Kinrade - offering me a lift to New Brighton, how could refuse or resist this Little Swift?

I was expecting a bit of a rainy grueller with tantalising distant views and this was the case for some of the time but once the Swift had been ticked within five minutes of arrival, I was not prepared for the stunning show it was about to give!

Having spent three long sessions photographing Puffins on the Farnes the previous week, my eye was 'in' for flight photography and against my better judgement I opted for the 500mm lens initially and the reach certainly got me close to the bird but it was so agile - always jinking this way and that!

Setting the backdrop scene across the Mersey....

Eventually, I got away with a few shots which would normally have made my day as record shots!  The broad white rump patch always shone out and the normally short square ended tail was often fanned when banking.

Rump patch extending well onto the flanks......

Another head on shot....

A change 'down' to the 300mm lens was made more to lessen the burden on my now aching arms! All the shots seen here were hand held. Too many would be missed with the constraints of a tripod! The rewards weren't instant but the occasional close pass off the promenade by Pier House was more easily locked onto :-)

Whilst you could  hold onto the Swift with relative ease when above the skyline, I sensed that a shot against the sand would be the one to get? I lost count of how many shots were deleted until I jammed onto a few close straight line passes....

The green background is courtesy of the seaweed etc on the beach!

Then, one of those 'moments' of looking at the rear screen and thinking 'bloody hell' that will do nicely!

Nice to see a BIG Shropshire turnout! At least 12 birders were on site, at times nearly outnumbering the locals! The late evening gallery......

Smiling as it parted my hair once again!

I might even give this little stunner another go! Will it stick?

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