Saturday, 24 September 2011

Grafham water - Another Sab's Gull!!

Sorry if this is getting a lttle repetitive? Adult Sabine's Gull is still on my 'most wanted' list despite the recent juvs and I'd had to watch with envy as images churned out of Grafham Water this week whilst I was engaged in a monumentally busy week at work :-(

I should have been confident it would stay and waited for 'news' which came out at 8.20 and the car was duly started! Trouble was, I arrived at Grafham Water dam to see it land on the wall below, fired a quick burst of 'frame fillers' and that was the end of it...... I suppose I was still quite lucky :-)

Looking a little grumpy about something?

A wingflap and then...........

It was off, possibly for good - it never returned that day! Time for a catch up with with Steve Seal and Dave Hutton again - I finally shook hands with Jon Evans!!

With the Gull gone, my attention had to turn to the other small wader present - a first Winter Grey Phalarope - Oh no, not another one of those :-)

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