Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Chelmarsh - Grey Phalarope

The sting in the tail of Hurricane Katia finally dropped a star bird in
Shropshire! Once again, it was down to Martyn Owen checking out the
fabled 'reservoir of dreams' with it's associated scrape and
finding..... a smart little Grey Phalarope!!

Needless to say, I was very 'interested' and with the only other one I'd
seen in Shropshire being the 2008 VP bird in virtual darkness, hopefully some images too?

Rob Stokes, thought likewise and we proceeded to do battle with the
tractors and irritations of the A458, it's always a veerrrrrrry long frustrating journey!

It was still there on arrival and ticked via Andy's scope from the 'ringers' hide. Trouble was, it was as far as it could be across the scrape and into the sun. I opted to join Yvonne and Tony who had walked round to the far hide.....

The Phal was out of view when I got there but it had been viewable, I waited.... Eventually it gave itself up after 20 minutes or so, swimming out into open water! The light wasn't good but at least I got some record shots - taking the form of this sequence.....

A great bird for Shropshire, now wouldn't a Sab's Gull be even better?

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