Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Belvide - juv Sabine's Gull

The recent big Westerly blow has stranded quite a few seabirds throughout the UK and perhaps the nearest inland 'mega' was a juv Sabine's Gull at Belvide. Trouble was, WORK! It turned into another evening M54 dash to join the small gathering - with thanks to Dave Western and Roger Clay for convincing me I should be there!!

And this is why....

Little did I know, I would have about 10 minutes of just 'wind'. After that, it was constant 'wind and rain' not the best combination for photography!

So here in glorious, erm...... monochrome is the best of the dryer moments....

I sat huddled in the rain the with camera racked to 1000 iso for about 40 minutes, hoping for a flight shot as the light was fading. I got one eventually as the Sab's flew out up the reservoir. It's not the best I could have hoped for but - it'll have to do!

Could do with one of these in Shropshire!

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