Sunday, 9 November 2014

Salthouse - Twite delight!

I only had the afternoon for birding the previous day and wasted my time waiting in vain for a Purple Heron reported at North Warren near Aldeburgh. It didn't show and an end of day sea watch didn't produce anything either!

First stop on Sunday morning was Sheringham where a seawatch produced a few passing Scoters and Red-throated Divers but I was in danger of being trapped by a Remembrance Day service..... Salthouse beckoned, where good numbers of Twite have been reported recently. Never an easy bird (unless you are in a favoured location for them!) I still needed them for the year, having dipped them on the Wirral earlier in the year :-(

They didn't take long to find either, in between the pools and Gramborough Hill. One would have done but there were 20+ Twite (290) feeding in the short grass, together with Linnet, Reed Bunting and Goldfinch.

Occasionally flitting onto the fence wires.

Then feeding often out of view on the seed crop!

A hint of the pink rump here!

After quietly watching them for about 30 mins, one came mush closer, happily feeding in front of me:-)

Eventually perched up on top, I'll settle for these?

You beauty!

There was also a confiding Purple Sandpiper nearby!

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