Sunday, 9 November 2014

Salthouse - Purple Sandpiper

I really needed to move on but found this very obliging Purple Sandpiper on one of the nearby pools to be be too tempting to ignore.....

Nearly a decent reflection.

The moment it actually stood still for a couple of seconds!

Heading straight for me....

Before slowly moving off again.

White water doesn't really help?

A final couple of portraits.

Then called it a day..... off to Holkham beach and (hopefully) Surf's up?

It was!! Hardly worth a separate post but the Surf Scoter (291) was well distant off the beach at low tide. It was surprisingly visible at ?400m due to the rear nape/forehead patch which through bins was all you needed to look for. Scope views were pretty good but then it drifted away with a few Common and Velvet Scoter. There was a Long-tailed Duck too.