Sunday, 23 November 2014

North East weekend gems!!

I'd planned a weekend in the North East primarily for Little Auk but sensing that something in from the East could be present?

The only highlight of the Saturday was a very 'difficult' Siberian Stonechat and (297). Reasonable views were had near the pools at Sunderland AFC academy near Cleadon and with a Common Stonechat nearby for comparison, it's identity was never in doubt.but it was always hidden, flighty or just plain elusive! Record shots is an understatement!

A really smart bird with quite a bit of white on the rump (really showy when in flight) and visible here whilst preening.

I'd ignored the Whitley Bay Hume's Leaf Warbler the previous day as I'd seen the Warwickshire bird in the Spring but with little else happening, it became the mission for Sunday morning.

Living up to it's name!

Monumentally tricky light which was even worse aginast white sky!

But, calling all the time, it was never far away and another great bird for the weekend!

I didn't need Waxwing either but there were two briefly present by the main road next to the golf course car park!

And there was not even a sniff of Little Auk despite quite a few hours of effort!! Never mind, one for the year, keeps the list ticking over and just THREE to go......