Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Venus Pool - Kingfisher in the rain

Cloud and drizzle are not the ideal combination fro photography but with a Kingfisher performing well over a long  period, it was a question of seeing what could be produced? I was shooting  between 800 and 2000 iso  to try and keep a fast enough shutter speed for the action shots.

Simple poses were simple enough.....

But some action was the name of the game - maybe a bit of open wing on landing?

And then, there simply had to be a fish!

Putting it all together......

Rarely landing to give a side on view!

Head on was the norm......

And finally, a long awaited fish toss! A generous amount of luck was used up here :-)

Cropped a bit 'closer'

Oh to have a had a bit of sunshine......

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