Monday, 2 September 2013

Venus Pool - Egret and Hobby

With nothing much happening once more, attention was focussed on the worthwhile birds currently strutting their stuff!

Like the Little Egret - think something ruffled his feathers......

  See what I mean!

I guess what's bugging him is that darn Hobby getting all the attention?

If you can't beat them join them! So, when this Black-tailed Skimmer strayed too close to the Egret....

Snap!!  - gotcha

A bit a a tussle

And then, down the hatch! Anything a Hobby can do......

And I promise this is my last...... posting of Hobby this week! Up to just the same antics.....

 A head on Dragonfly munch :-)

And this wader encased in spray is of course a Green Sandpiper :-)

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