Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wood Lane - Meds again

More of the same, I'm afraid - here's the juveniles looking ready for food!

And here comes one of the adults....

Playing hard to get - well would you willingly throw up your last meal?....


Crikey, fish, meat and goodness knows what down there!

Up she comes (don't look too closely!)

Now then, it can't be very pleasant having gastric juices corroding the bill. Every regurgitation is followed by a quick rinse! 

Eventually flying off! Something is bugging me about this particular Gull, it has a really dull orange-brown bill rather than the bright red seen in previous posts by Paul Burgess on the SOS site. I just wondered if this was a third adult (which has been reported on occasions) helping out with the feeding?

Here's the other adult!

Freshening up.....

Here's the two of them together...

And two of the juvs together!

Aggression comes second nature to Meds - here's one committing GBBHGH!

 But it doesn't always go their way when there's a territorial Coot involved!

Peace and quiet reigns - for a moment anyway!