Thursday, 25 July 2013

Venus Pool - Little Egrets etc

I'm putting in some time hours at VP at the moment - early days but birds are moving and my first Shropshire Little Egrets of the year were present at 7.30 am.

Here they are - getting on famously!

Thinking about doing some fishing?

Whichever way you look at it, take off shots are always interesting!

And flight shots always useful.....

Landing gives the most appealing 'angelic' images however......

It's a shame I was shooting into the light as the re were plenty of 'stickleback' opportunities!

A couple of static shots to finish with......

At 9.15, a tern dropped in - you always hope it's gonna be a mega but sadly, just a Common Tern. It circled a couple of times, dived......

And made off with a small fish..

A Green Sandpiper (sometimes two) now seen daily.....

I've left the best until last - probably my best flight shot ever!! I spotted a low flying jet shooting over the trees to the north......thinking it was just a trainer? It was unbelievably low and heading straight for the hide. A couple of reflex shots and OMG..... an RAF Tornado! Then the noise hit -  deafening and the bird life was none too impressed but quickly settled down fortunately, including the Egrets :-)

Rob and I just looked at each other in disbelief!

You would be pushed to get this at an air show? But from the main hide at VP!!

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