Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wood Lane - Med Gulls

Given my  previous posts centred around Med Gulls on many previous occasions, it's no surprise that this visit was long overdue (basically waiting until they had fledged!)

Shropshire's first breeding record and quite a few images to record the state of family play! Here's one of the parents - how's that for a good looking Gull!

Of course, with parenthood comes responsibility - and three extra mouths to feed!

They were gagging for it - food that is - and you would probably be gagging with two much close up of regurgitated stomach contents, complete with, sticky slimy gastric juices :-)

Yes the thought of three bill delving into the adult's inspired a bit of a walkabout!

One at a time please!

Then off for more....

I think this is my favourite 'family portratit' :-)

Two of the juveniles seem inseparable.

See what I mean....

And just to prove they can fly!

One last begging / delivering  sequence.

The airspace is getting pretty crowded!

I will be back........