Sunday, 25 November 2012

Chelmarsh - Black necked Grebe

The Diver appears to have disappeared overnight sadly. Rob and Mike Stokes checked out the reservoir thoroughly first thing before I got there and it wasn't 'turning up' out of the blue for me either!

That left one key bird to check out and after virtually 'blanking' it on Friday (I only had eyes for the Diver) , I gave the Black-necked Grebe a good flog.....

Whilst it was in view on the far bank, would it remain with the boats getting ready to sail?

It did......  tagging onto this Little Grebe.......

I couldn't believe my luck when it actually turned and swam towards me :-)

Always remaining at a respectful (or is that respectable) distance. At least 150 metres closer than my last session here!

The light was good and maybe at it's best in the 'bluer' section of the water?

 I thought the dark water would show it off even better? It didn't!

Eventually, just about everything on the water sensed the imminent arrival of sails. Guess who led the way.......

I was going to try and catch up with at the causeway but news of Shrewsbury Waxwings (well I haven't exercised my shutter on local birds yet) won the day......

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