Saturday, 4 June 2011

Whixall Moss - White faced Darter

The birding scene has gone quiet so I opted for another 'insect session' and with time now running out, I still hadn't got my images of a MALE White-faced Darter!

A pretty reliable location (though never guaranteed) are the small pools and ditches at the end of the 'Moss Cottages' access path.

A veritable orgy was in progress amongst the Azure Damselfly population - some quite interesting positions?

I just love these two males rising up and squaring up to each other - nice contender for a caption competition?

A couple of territorial Four-spotted Chasers were ensuring I would struggle to catch s astationary White-face!

But eventually, I got the moment....

A variety of angles.....

Close up and personal with that 'white face'....

One brief encounter with a female White-faced Darter on the walk out.....

Job done, I wonder where the next decent bird is coming from though?

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