Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Newport - frosty Waxwings (take 1)

The presistent frosty conditions had created a wonderful'winter wonderland' of scenery whichy sadly I didn't much chance to admire and photograph. Nevertheless, I aimed to make the most of the backdrop - in particular with the Newport Waxwings!!

There were commuting between 'Waitrose' and gardens off Stafford Raod at the junction with Broadway - this is where I caught up with them first - Waxwings Take 1 .......

Gliding down to feed.....

The fence height meant they were only possible at the top of a small Sorbus tree!

Come on chaps - there's room on this branch for four!

About to go.....

Coming up in the next installment- back to Waitrose and the berries!


  1. Just read your article in the Newport advertiser on the Waxwings. Many thanks for solving the mystery of these beautiful birds as they turned up regularly enmasse, every mid morning in Snowy church aston... albeit just for a few minutes. Knew they were quite special, but couldn't find them in my amateur bird watching book I keep on the kitchen window. Great pics.. thank you. Paul