Saturday, 30 October 2010

Venus Pool etc - Barnacles

Not a lot doing on the local front is a bit of an understatement, although Geoff Hall had a nice find (Hawfinch) which may yet elude me as I'm in airport run mode tomorrow! A Saturday scour of retail parks in Shrewsbury failed to turn up a 'you know what' (despite the fact they are 'everywhere' and approaching fast!!) I even spent an hour or two at Stubber's Green with no unusal Gulls on view there either!

There have been a few Barnacle Geese moving around the County (blogged in desperation??!)

Three at Venus Pool on the 14th - briefly in and straight back out.......

Plus a singleton at Polemere on the 21st .....

Obligingly having a wash and getting in a bit of a flap!!

If all else fails, the archives look destined to get a another trawl....

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