Sunday, 10 October 2010

Norfolk day 4 – Shore Lark at last!

Talk about making me wait! A repeat check of the shingle slopes East of the East bank at last gave up what you might think would be a banker bird for the trip? (You'll have to scroll down a bit!)

This was after pretty good views of flighty Bearded Tit along the East bank. I only managed a female.....

Nice views of a Curlew Sandpiper.....

A juvenile Spoonbill was also showing well!

A Shore Lark finally had the decency to add me to the long list of birders who had been enjoying the scene! The single bird seen is likely to be a female? The head markings were nowhere near as bright and striking as birds I’ve seen in the past. Nevertheless, a long overdue bird for the weekend and year list!

A small line of Geese flying overhead also caught my eye and White-fronted Goose was added too!

There were few other ‘moment’s and I certainly won’t treasure the 45 minutes finale to the day spent staring at a hedge at Kelling where a Barred Warbler refused to break cover!

The only birds showing well here were...... a Chiffchaff on the walk down which was very obliging......

And a Goldcrest (lots of them!) in the evening glow.

Oh well, some steady birding today but no rarities! Tomorrows another day....

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