Sunday, 8 March 2009

South Shropshire - Red Kite Country

I've never managed yet to get to Gigrin farm, much preferring the challenge and completely unexpected nature of finding Red Kites whilst roaming around.

En route to Bircher Common, the 'Enterprise' went into not totally unexpected emergency stop mode - on seeing two Red Kites circling beside the road! They were would you believe, accompanied by 19 Common Buzzards circling nearby.

Gigrin birds are after a free food takeaway - one of these Shropshire Kites was merely interested in sticks and carrying one - always a very encouraging sign for the local population!!

The show went on for about 20 minutes until they slowly drifted away - it was a question of grabbing the opportunity and one of the closer encounters provided the following images.....

Shame about the milky white sky but.....Daylight was burning - Bircher Common here we come