Friday, 27 March 2009

Exminster Marshes - Water Pipit

For the third time in the space of a month, my activities took me down to Devon for an alpine plant show. Birding time was at a premium however and I had just the Friday afternoon spare....

The target species - Water Pipit - always a useful one for the year list and a bird to date, I'd never had close enough for a picture, this is until today!!

I stopped at the sharp bend on the access road where there is a bit of parking and listening out of the window could hear one calling! Eventually, I found it at the top of a nearby tree....

A public footpath cuts through the marshes and I sensed the bird would eventually land on the marsh (or fly away) - incredibly it chose the former - within 30m or so!!! A smart bird too, developing Summer plumage!

Keeping still, I covered most angles of this obliging bird as it fed moving even nearer.

A tasty worm or two, rapidly disappearing.....

The sun came out briefly, illuminating the plumage - what a difference that makes!!

The fun had to stop of course and a second bird flying over prompted the disappearance of both to the far side of the marsh - usually what happens in the first place!!

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