Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Chelmarsh - Great Northern Diver

Bird magnet John Reeves had yet another good Shropshire find with a juvenile Great Northern Diver turnng up at Chelmarsh reservoir. It was frustrating mixture of showing really well coupled with roaming the whole Res and as ever in very tricky light!

Virtually full frame at this moment! Stonking bill, head shape, half neck collar and dark waterline...

The only real 'activity' was a chance wingflap!

Showing a hint of a chinstrap, rather odd but all the other features clearly point to GND rather an unlikely Pacific! 

The only moment of a half decent approach in contrast laden sun...

My fourth for the County. Whilst checking back, it's 15 years since I've seen a Black-throated Diver in the County (also at Chelmarsh), we are long overdue  another one!! Make it one with a chinstrap please?