Sunday, 26 July 2020

Llanymynech Rocks - Silver-washed Fritillary

A sunny day was forecast and another butterfly was the target... Despite the lack of sunshine which wasted most of the morning, all came well with at least 15 - 20 Silver-washed Fritillaries on view at various spots on the Shropshire side. 

The best views and freshest butterflies were of course eventually found not far from the entrance as we (Dave Chapman, John Morris and me) retraced out steps and finished with a Fritillary fest!

I'll spare you the damaged wings, lady luck delivered a smart male and female...

Here's the male...

This was really obliging female, with us for an hour on and off, occasionally pestered by amorous males

Just loving the iridescent greenish blue sheen to the underwing in the sunlight!

One of many 'frame fillers' to end with! 

I started the day with just a few mediocre shots of this species over the years and we all left well satisfied 'job done'!