Thursday, 28 December 2017

Whitcliffe Common - Hawfinch!!

The year is coming to a close and I'd been keeping an eye on 'news' for some time now, hoping for some showy Hawfinches to emerge locally? After the St Agnes birds, dots in the distance or flyovers were not an option! And I have Ian Baggely to thank for tipping me off how well they were showing this week and then Dave Chapman for doing his intrepid stuff! I've had two short, freezing but pretty productive sessions there...

Here's a lucky moment on the Common when perched ad nauseum - giving us a 'you lookin at me' stare?

The highlight had to be drinking time!

But the poses in between were well worth savouring!

Just about all angles were covered!

But this short sequence just about captured how irresistable this charismatic bird can be!

You have to make the most of moments like this,  it may be years before they perform as well in the UK again!

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